Who is Atendi?

Atendi – Equipment for Scene, Studio, Photography, Film, Interior, exterior and much much more. Atendi AB started in Sweden 2015 but has long roots in the Nordics since 1898. Since then, we have been a key player in the buissnes along with our partners. Atendi is a Nordic company with offices in both Copenhagen (Denmark), Drammen (Norway) and Kungälv/Stockholm/Malmö (Sweden).

With our competence and experience in the buisness there won’t be a solution that is to big or to small for us to handle.
We offer everything ranging from small installation speakers, to custom built light, to architectual art light. The list goes long!
Would you like to know more about us and what we can offer?
Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Atendi – Expect more.
Martin Heleander
Sales Manager

+46 703 69 00 59

Martin has been in and around the industry for the past 15 years, working with both high end stills photography as well as broadcast/tv and film. Martin excells in the tech aspects of light, also quiet a nerd when it comes to colour and quality of light. Martins freetime is best spent together with his wife and two kids.
Magnus Högfeldt
E-commerce Manager

+46 735 09 68 01

Magnus is the guy responsible for the Danish and Swedish e-sales. He has been working with online trade for more than 20 years, whereof the last 7 of them in the photo and video industry. Magnus lives in Sweden but is actually Danish, so feel free to speak any of the languages with him.
Mogens Gewecke
Managing Director Denmark

+45 28351795

Managing Director in Denmark and member of the board.
The guy you want to talk to about Cameras, Lighting and everything Film/TV related.
In his free time he likes to surf and spend time with his family.
Søren Jørgensen
Project Manager

+45 28351796

Søren is our Project Manager in Denmark.
From development to finished project, he will be by your side.
If you have questions regarding DMX, ArtNET, sACN or other network based protocols, he's your guy!
His free time is best spent with family.
Hans Henrik Schmidt
Sales Consultant / Light and Stage

+45 28351799

Hans Henrik is one of our Theatre and Entertainment guys, more focused on Wysiwyg, Theatre Lighting and custom LED Solutions for stage and event. 
He likes to spend his free time in his summerhouse and together with friends and family.
Jacob H.S. Rasmussen
Sales Consultant / Light & Stage

+45 25339978

Jacob is one of our specialists in the Theatre and Entertainment part at Atendi.
Wide knowledge about LED Solutions, Lighting Control, Theatre fixtures and LED Tape.
His free time he likes to spend with his wife and friends.
Henrik Erichsen
Sales Consultant / Film and TV

+45 28351798

Henrik is one of our specialists in the Film and TV area of Atendi.
Wide knowledge about greenscreen solutions for institutions, Camera Equipment and grip.
His free time he likes to spend on his boat and with family.
Henrik Sundahl
Service Manager

+45 28351797

Henrik, the problemsolver. 
Our technical expert in the service area of Atendi. Handles all service for Sweden/Denmark, both camera, tripods, lighting and control systems.
His free time he likes to spend with friends and family.
Ingrid Bunton Jørgensen

+45 41198943

Ingrid is the backbone of our company, keeping it all together.
Debit, credit, incoming and outgoing payments, everything that has to do with the financial side of Atendi Denmark.
Her free time she likes to spend with friends and family.
Einar Borge Vike
Managing Director Norway

+47 90857232

Einar has a long history of economy and administrative roles, both in and outside this branch. 
One of the founding members of Atendi Nordic.
Free time is best spent with family and friends.
Tommy Thoresen
Sales Manager

+47 90848338

Tommy has been in the buisness for the past 20+ years, working with some of the biggest clients within Theatre, Film and TV in Norway.
He likes to spend his free time together with his family by his lakehouse in Sweden.
Lorry Kristiansen
Sound and AV

+47 91603000

Lorry has worked as a sceen technichian, soundtechnichian and producer since 1992. He has worked both at concerts, theatres and filmproductions along the years.
He likes to spend his free time together with family and friends.
Bjørn Lund
Sales Lighting

+47 92439945

Björn has worked in the buissnes since 1991, starting at the Theatre in Oslo, moving on to touring and finally ending up at Atendi in Norway.
He likes to spend his free time combing his beard and hanging with friends and family.
Øystein Wierli
Sales Sound

+47 90047952

Øystein has worked as a Sales Manager for the last 14 years, within sound. 
Before that he was an Audio Technichian for Alice Cooper, King Diamond to name a few.
He likes to spend his free time with friends and family.
Hårek Kristoffersen
Project Manager

+47 90142735

Hårek has worked with a number of different artists and tours over the years, both as project manager but also as sound enginer.
His free time he likes to spend with friends and family.
Jørgen Stake
Service Manager

+47 92498748

Jørgen has a degree in computer science and works with Service and Repairs together with Costas.
He has worked as a data-support to both Media and School instututions. 
He likes to spend his free time with friends and  family.
Costas Dourvaris
Service Manager

+47 94257022

Costas has worked in both sales, service and project lead. He also has a Masters degree in Musical technology!
A friendly french/greek guy who has lived in Norway since 2006.
His free time is best spent with friends and family.
Bjørnar Kristiansen
Warehouse and Logistics

+47 94247783

Bjørnar has experience from both the music industry and tv buissnes.
Now handling all Warehouse and Logistics requests in Norway.
He likes to spend his free time with friends and family.
Monika Baran

+47 96864572

Monika has a background in insurance and banking, with a wide knowledge from different sides that world.
On her free time she likes going on hikes and spending time with friends and family.




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