Aputure F14 Fresnel

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The Aputure F14 Fresnel is an electronic Aputure Mount Fresnel
modifier with a large 14-inch (350mm) diameter lens and a
motorized 18° to 50° spot-flood beam angle range. Designed for
Aputure’s all-new high-output Aputure Mount point-source
fixtures, the Electro Storm CS15 and Electro Storm XT26, the F14
Fresnel optimizes and amplifies the light output, providing
smooth, remote adjustability and a beautiful light quality only
achievable with large Fresnels.
Built with a large 14” diameter Fresnel and its dual lens optical
design, like other Aputure Fresnels, the F14 Fresnel provides
enhanced accuracy and intensity for both the Electro Storm
CS15 and Electro Storm XT26. Users can further shape the light
and reduce spill from the Fresnel using the included Barn Doors.
Using the control knob and display screen on the side of the
modifier, the motorized F14 Fresnel can smoothly and accurately
transition from a narrow, focused throw to a wider flood light for
versatility across a useful range of beam angles. And when rigged
in hard-to-reach places, the beam angle can also be adjusted
remotely via the Sidus Link1 app or DMX controls.
In addition to communicating data for motorized focus control,
the Aputure Mount also communicates with the Electro Storm
CS15 or XT26 to communicate calibration data, that the fixtures
can use to optimize the accuracy of their light engine output.
With its large size, the F14 Fresnel also includes a detachable
yoke for better balance and ergonomics when mounting the
fixture to a stand, as well as a safety chain for added security.
And when used in conjunction with the included sled for the
Electro Storm CS15 and XT26, the F14 Fresnel and combined
fixture can be placed onto flat surfaces. The F14 Fresnel and its
accessories come packed in a flight case for transport.


Main Features:


• 14-Inch Aputure Mount Motorized Fresnel Modifier
• 18° to 50° Motorized Spot-Flood Adjustable Beam Angle
• Utilizes New Electronic Aputure Mount for Power & Data
• Automatic Calibration & Optimization of Light Output
• DMX & Sidus Link1
Control via Aputure Mount
• Dual Lens Optical Design
• Display Screen & Control Knob For Beam Angle
• Compatible with Aputure Mount Fixtures Including
Electro Storm CS15 & Electro Storm XT26
• Weather-Resistant Design
• Quick Light Shaping using Included F14 Barn Doors
• Detachable Yoke for Better Balance & Ergonomics
• Included Flight Case For Transportation and Storage


What’s in the Box:

F14 Fresnel
F14 Fresnel Removeable Yoke
F14 Fresnel Barn Doors
CS15/XT26 Skid
F14 Fresnel Flight Case


Additional information


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