Aputure MC Pro 8-Light KIT (EU Version)

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The MC Pro 8-Light Kit is a lighting kit designed for professionals and rental houses
that stores & charges 8 5W RGBWW lensed mini LED panel lights and features
LumenRadio CRMX & a durable IP65 construction. Based on the original Aputure MC,
the MC Pro utilizes a similar compact, credit card-sized form factor while packing in a
comprehensive suite of professional functionalities. With various magnetic mounting
solutions & accessories and wireless control methods (Sidus Link & CRMX), the MC Pro
shines as a fixture that can be placed and operated virtually anywhere.
The 8-Light Kit expands the flexibility of the multifunctional MC Pro with not only 8
times the number of fixtures, but additional sets of magnetized modifiers, mounting
accessories, including ¼-20in Articulating Arm to Clamp Adapters and ¼-20in Screw to
Baby Pin Adapters. Featuring a drop-in design, the 8-Light Kit charges using the
contact pins on the MC Pros for a seamless charging workflow and affords users the
ability to quickly substitute MC Pros in a scene to minimize lighting down time or even
use all 8 lights at once.
Featuring an upgraded optical design and LED chipset, the MC Pro can output 1,585
lux at 0.5m at 6500K. This is achieved by narrowing the beam angle to 45° for
increased intensity and a further throw, which can then be controlled or diffused using
the included magnetic accessories such as a 30° Light Control Grid or diffusers.
The upgraded LED design not only results in increased output power but also
expanded color controls and CCT range, from 2,000K to 10,000K with green-magenta
adjustment. The chipset can reproduce >90% of all colors within the Rec. 2020 color
space and produces faithful skin tones with a CRI/TLCI score of 96, SSI (D56) of 72, and
SSI (Tungsten) of 82, consistent with Aputure’s high color accuracy standards across
all product lines.
For full creative freedom, filmmakers can fine-tune the MC Pro’s color using advanced
HSI with white-point adjustability, RGB, GEL, or xy controls. In addition to having 15
built-in System FX, the MC Pro is equipped with other advanced features unique to
the Aputure and amaran ecosystems, including Sidus Pro FX, such as Picker FX and
Music FX, which can be saved using the Sidus Link app for easy access to different
lighting modes.
Whether choosing to control the MC Pro using its new TFT color display or any of its
professional remote options such as LumenRadio CRMX, wired DMX/RDM1, or Sidus
Link, operating this light feels seamless in even the most demanding conditions.
As a mini LED, the MC Pro’s rugged IP65 build maintains a lightweight frame (247g /
0.54lbs) with a built-in rechargeable 15.5Wh battery that can operate at max output for
120 minutes. Its lightweight body can be mounted anywhere for quick lighting
solutions with its rear-mounted magnets or any of the MC Pro 8-Light Kit’s included
mounting accessories.


In the box:

MC Pro 8pcs
MC Pro Flat Diffuser 8pcs
MC Pro Dome Diffuser 8pcs
MC Pro 30º Light Control Grid 8pcs
Cold Shoe Ball Head 4pcs
1/4-20in Screw to Magnetic Plate Adapter 4pcs
1/4-20in Screw to Baby Pin Adapter 4pcs
1/4-20in Articulating Arm to Clamp Adapter 2pcs
USB Type-C Charger Cable 2pcs
Adhesive Magnetic Plate 32pcs
Locking IEC C13 AC Power Cable 1pcs
D-Tap to D-Tap Power Cable 1pcs
MC Pro 8-Light Charging Case 1pcs


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