Rosco DMG Dash Quad Kit

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(4) DMG DASH LED Lights

(4) Cases

(4) USB-C Charging Cable

(4) Flat Diffusers

(4) Dome Diffusers

(4) Eggcrates

(4) Gel Holders

(4) Light Stand Mounts

(4) Magnetic Mounts


DMG DASH Quad Kit Carrying Case

Limited 1-Year Warranty

Key Features

  • Kit Includes Four DMG DASH Pocket LED Kits + DMG DASH LINK4
  • Four Fully-Accessorized Lights To Deploy Independently Or Connect Together
  • DMG DASH Features 6-Chip MIX® LED Technology For Powerful Light Output & Superior Color Mixing
·         Red, Green, Blue, Lime, Amber & 4000K White LEDs
  • White Mode: Color Temp Range = 1700-10,000K
  • Color Mode: HSI & XY Color Selection
  • Gel Mode: 137 True Rosco Color™ Gel Matches
  • Control Via Easy-To-Use Onboard Controls Or myMIX® Mobile App
  • Built-In Rechargeable Battery – 3 Hour Runtime @ Max.
  • Durable & Weatherproof Construction – IP54-Rated


DMG DASH is the smallest member of Rosco’s MIX® Family of LED lights. Its compact design provides filmmakers with high quality light output and precise color control from a durable, handheld light fixture. This versatile LED light features powerful output from its durable and weatherproof 5″ x 3.1″ x 1.1″ (12.8cm x 8cm x 2.8cm) aluminum allow housing. The DMG DASH has the same six-chip MIX LED technology that’s inside all of Rosco’s MIX LED lights to provide a broad color spectrum and superior color mixing. DMG DASH can also create white light with high CRI and TLCI values (1700K – 10,000K), and over 130 True Rosco Color™ gel matches.

The DMG DASH Quad Kit contains four complete DMG DASH Pocket LED Kits inside a durable carrying case. Because each Pocket LED Kit comes with its own set of magnetized beam shaping and mounting accessories, that means that the Quad Kit is loaded with four of everything, including Flat Diffusers, Dome Diffusers, Eggcrates, Gel Holders, Light Stand Mounts, Magnetic Mounts, Charging Cables, and Cases. The Quad Kit also includes a DMG DASH LINK4 that can connect the four lights in the kit together into one, larger source.

Deploy Independently Or LINK Together

  • Each Quad Kit Comes With Four Complete Pocket LED Kits
  • Kit Includes 16 Beam Shaping Accessories – (4) Flat Diffusers, (4) Dome Diffusers, (4) Eggcrates, (4) Gel Holders
  • Kit Includes 8 Mounting Accessories: (4) Light Stand Mounts, (4) Magnetic Mounts
  • Quad Kit also comes with a DMG DASH LINK4 to connect the four lights together into one source
  • The four lights in the kit can be controlled independently – or together as a group – using the myMIX app


DMG DASH Provides High Quality Light Output And Precise Color Control

  • Powerful Output: 280 Lux at 1 meter
  • Boost Mode: 380 Lux at 1 meter
  • Six-Chip Color Mixing: Red, Green, Blue, Lime, Amber, and 4000K White
  • Four Modes Of Operation: White, Color, Gel, Source Match, and Effects
  • White Mode: Color temperature range: 1700K – 10,000K with a 95+ CRI and a 90+ TLCI, plus – green and magenta adjustment
  • Color Mode: HSI and XY (CIE 1931) color selector with Rec 709 & 2020 overlays
  • Gel Mode: 137 True Rosco Color gel matches – verified to match traditional tungsten and daylight sources with Rosco gels
  • Source Matches: Green & Blue Screen, Xenon Headlamp, Candle Flame, Moonlight, Sodium Vapor, Mercury Vapor, and Tungsten
  • Effects: Emergency Vehicle, Firelight, TV Screen, and Paparazzi

DMG DASH: Designed By Filmmakers – For Filmmakers

  • Easy-to-use on-board controls featuring big buttons and knobs for gloved technicians
  • Can be wirelessly controlled through Bluetooth via iOS or Android mobile device with the myMIX app
  • Capture a photo, select a color, and send that color to the light
  • Create your own color, save it to your personal library, and share that color with collaborators
  • Manufactured using a durable aluminum alloy to perform in tough filmmaking conditions
  • Built-in battery with three hours of runtime at full that is charged via USB-C Charging Cable (included in the kit)
  • Weatherproof: IP54-rated to perform in all weather conditions
  • Three 1/4″-20 Threads to provide multiple mounting positions



Lux @ 1 Meter (3 Feet) 280 Lux @6500
Lux @ @ 1 Meter (3 Feet) Boost Mode 380 Lux @6500
Max Output 500 Lumens @25°C
Max Power 10W (14W In Boost Mode)
Battery Runtime Three Hours At 100% Intensity (Less In Boost Mode)
LED Colors Red / Green / Blue / Lime / Amber / White (4000K)
Light Modes (MIX® LED Technology Inside) WHITE / GEL – with True Rosco Color Gel Matches / Color – HSI & XY (With Rec 709 & 2020 overlays) / EFFECTS / SOURCE MATCH
Color Temperature  1700K – 10,000K
Color Rendering CRI Average: > 95  and TLCI Average: > 90
Flicker Free Up To 1,000 FPS
On-Board Control Local UI: 1.3″ OLED Graphical Display – 128px x 64px
Wireless Control Bluetooth BLE Via The myMIX Mobile App – Available For IOS & Android
Size 5″ x 3.1″ x 1.1″ / 12.8cm x 8cm x 2.8cm
Weight 12.8 oz / .367kg
Body Material Aluminum Alloy
Outdoor Rating Weather Resistant – IP54
Circuit Board Material Aluminum
Number Of LEDs 99 Emitters
Battery Specifications 6000mAh / 3.7v
Charging Connector USB Type-C (Cable Included In Kit)
Charging Voltage 5 VDC
Recommended Charger Fast Charge 3-Amp (Minimum 2-Amp)
Operating Temp 0-40°C
Charging Temperature 10-45°C
Cooling Mode Passive – Free Air Convection
Optional Accessory DOT Round Diffuser


Package Weight 8.2 lbs / 3.7kg
Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 16.2” x 9.7” x 5.8” / 41.2cm x 24.7cm x 14.8cm

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