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Kino Flo is a manufacturer of professional LED-based lighting equipment for cinema and television and production. Located in Burbank, California, Kino Flo is best known for developing proprietary LEDs based on a color science technology that ensures color quality unsurpassed for lighting both close-ups and on large studio spaces. In 1995 Kino Flo earned a technical achievement award from the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences for developing cool, tube-based arrays with color-correct tungsten and daylight balanced light that “changed the way motion picture movies are made,” according to the academy.

The company’s tradition of supplying cinematographers with advanced lighting tools to shape their images continues with an expanding line of LED luminaires, from small hand held panels to large interconnecting arrays, that includes camera look-up profiles (LUTs) for harmonizing Kino Flos with cinema cameras and a suite of upgradable color space controls

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