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Lightscapes at Scale
INFINIMAT is an innovative range of LED mats and inflatable softboxes designed to meet the needs of professional production environments. INFINIMATs come in different sizes, from 1×2 to 20×20, and can be used both as mats and inflatable structures. They are created with a focus on versatility, durability and ease of use.

Each INFINIMAT consists of individual 1×2 or 2×2 RGBWW panels that can be controlled independently to achieve even more shades of light. From 1×2 to 20×20, each INFINIMAT comes with an inflatable airbag, diffusion and grid. From 4×4 and upwards in size, each INFINIMAT kit also includes a skirt to control spillage.



Highest output on the market
The INFINIMAT series has up to twice the power compared to competing light mats of the same size. INFINIMAT 2×4 has a maximum output of 400 W, which is twice as much as the closest equivalent product.
Quick to set up
The inflatable airbags can be stored mounted on the LED mat. You quickly and easily inflate the airbag with the included handheld battery-powered air compressor or air pump and they are ready to use. The INFINIMAT 2×4 airbag takes less than a minute to deploy, while the INFINIMAT 8×8 airbag takes a maximum of four minutes to inflate. INFINIMAT can be used with the included quick-connect frame or hung in place for easy setup.


One power supply for multiple lamps
A unique feature of the INFINIMAT system is that multiple lamps can be controlled and powered from one control unit simultaneously. The series offers a 400W control unit and a 1600W control unit. One 400W controller can power two INFINIMAT 1x4s or two INFINMAT 1x2s plus one INFINIMAT 1×4.
Modular system for quick maintenance
The INFINIMAT system is designed as an array of 1×2 and 2×2 full-color light panels, which means that a single panel can easily be replaced if it breaks.


Heavy-duty construction suitable for rental
With high-quality materials and weather sealing on all ports, INFINIMATs can withstand harsh weather conditions. All parts of the system (LED mats, airbags, control units and cables) are IP65 rated, making the system suitable for rental.
Versatile options for control
The INFINIMAT family all feature DMX, CRMX, ArtNet, sACN, Ethernet and Sidus Link. The new Sidus Link Pro will soon add pixel control to INFINIMATs as well.


You can also look at the launch video here;


More info will be avalible once the product is fully released, please contact us in case you are interested and we will keep you up to date!


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