Aputure Light Dome Mini III

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The Light Dome Mini III is Aputure’s compact circular softbox
solution for Bowens Mount lights. Its 2ft (60cm) beauty-dishstyle design features an all-new quick-folding, flat-pack design.
Add a touch of softness and save valuable time on set, with the
ideal small softbox for your lighting kit.
Start shooting sooner with the all-new quick-folding
design. Building the Light Dome Mini III is now faster than ever,
saving valuable time on set. Being among the fastest circular
softboxes to set up and break down on the market, the Light
Dome Mini III can snap into its full compact circular shape in
seconds so you can start shooting sooner.
More room for lights with its flat-pack design. Unlike
traditional quick softboxes that maintain their cylindrical shape
when packed, the Light Dome Mini III’s quick-setup speed ring
folds into a slim, flat profile. Its flat-pack design requires less
setup time and frees up more space for other filmmaking tools,
making it more portable and travel-ready.
Simplify your toolkit with one softbox for all your Bowens
lights. Like other Aputure softboxes, the Light Dome Mini III
utilizes the universal Bowens Mount, making it the perfect
pairing for any modular Aputure or amaran point-source fixture.
With the ability to use just one modifier with an array of Bowens
Mount LED fixtures, this versatile softbox reduces the size of
your toolkit, allowing professionals to work smarter, not harder.
Take soft lighting anywhere with our compact footprint. The
Light Dome Mini III provides the quick-setup and slim profile
benefits of the Light Dome III in a smaller build. With the Mini III,
you’ll have everything you need for small-footprint lighting,
including the folding speed ring, diffusion cloth, a gold / silver
reflector, and a 40º fabric light control grid, the Light Dome Mini
III is the ideal modifier for finetuning the perfect lighting.


What’s in the Box:

Light Dome Mini III
1.5 Stop Diffusion Cloth
GoId / Silver Inner Baffle Diffusion
40º Fabric Light Control Grid
Carrying Bag


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