Fiilex P3 Color PRO Bundle

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The P3 COLOR is a compact 90W LED that emits a full range of rich color illumination as well as high-quality
CCT-balanced white light. Fiilex’s extensive per-fixture calibration ensures complete color accuracy at all
settings and intensities.
The P3’s extremely small Dense Matrix LED source couples well with light shaping modifiers. The barn door
cuts output cleanly with sharp shadows and no split color fringing, the 20° Fresnel narrows output for
significantly increased brightness, and the Dome Diffuser softens and widens the P3s throw. Softbox and
speed ring accessories are also available.
With its IP-X5 water-resistant housing and a weight of less than 2 lbs, the P3 is extremely portable, and its
yoke-mounted V-lock power supply can be easily swapped out with standard V-mount batteries. The yoke
can also be removed to enable a wide array of creative rigging possibilities. DMX functionality is highly
versatile as well, with numerous control modes offered at both 8 and 16 bit resolution.
The “Pro Bundle” version of the P3 COLOR includes the following accessories: 20° Fresnel, 20° Fresnel
Snoot, Dome Diffuser, DMX Adapter and the V-Mount to Baby Pin adapter. Other accessories, such as the
Softbox Kit and Battery Cables, are sold separately.


P3 COLOR Pro Bundle Features
● High-CRI white light output (2000-10000K)
● Additional 8 and 16 bit color modes: HSI,
Effects, RGBW, Gels, CCTHSI, CIExy, etc.
● Dims to 0% with no flicker or color shift
● High CRI at any light setting
● IP-X5 Rating (water-resistant)
● Light intensifying / diffusing accessories
● Easy PSU / battery mounting on yoke
● Removable yoke


Items Included (*Pro Bundle)
● 1x P3 COLOR Fixture
● 1x P3 Barndoors
● 1x 90W PSU
● 1x 6ft DC Extension Cable
● 1x DMX Adapter, TRRS to XLR5 (M&F)*
● 1x 20° Fresnel*
● 1x 20° Fresnel Snoot*
● 1x Dome Diffuser (1-Stop)*
● 1x V-Mount w/ Baby Pin Receiver*


P3 COLOR Accessories
● FLXP3-FRNL20 – 20° Fresnel
● FLXP3-SNOOTF20 – 20° Fresnel Snoot
● FLXP3-DOME1S – Dome Diffuser (1-Stop)
● FLXPSU-DCJ24C-DTAPBRL – D-Tap Cable, 24”
Curled, D-Tap to Barrel
Adapter, TRRS to XLR5 (M&F)
● FLXPSU-DCJ96S-DTAPBRL – D-Tap Cable, 96”
Straight, D-Tap to Barrel
● FLXPSU-VMOUNT-BABY – V-Mount w/ Baby
Pin Receiver
● FLXP3-SPRG1 – P3/P360 Speed Ring
● FLXA046 – P3/P360 12” x 16” Softbox Kit



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