PAG Mini PAGlink MPL50V V-Mount 50Wh

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The MPL50V is a 50Wh battery, designed to
complement the dimensions of smaller 4K
camcorders and power them in combination with
accessories such as monitors, lights and wireless
receivers. It provides a single, superior power source
for your camera set-up, replacing a multitude of
incompatible batteries.
The MPL50V features built-in outputs that the
cameras lack: a fixed D-Tap for 12V accessories and
a USB unit (5V 2A), which can be swapped easily
by the user for a plug-in Lemo, Hirose or D-Tap
connector unit.


Highlights MPL50V
• 50 Watt-hours, 14.8V 3.5Ah
• Intelligent linking technology that allows capacities to be combined
(2 linked = 100Wh, 3 = 150Wh)
• Current draw capability of 12A when linked, 8A individually
• Hot-swap batteries for continuous power
• Built-in D-Tap output (12V)
• USB output unit (5V 2A), which can be swapped for other unit
types: Hirose, Lemo and D-Tap
• Ideal for powering smaller 4K cameras and accessories
• The best Li-Ion cell for high-current capability and capacity
retention above 500 cycles, according to NASA Battery Workshop
• 2 x 1/4” bushes for mounting accessories
• Numeric Run-Time, Capacity & Data Display
• Intelligent battery that communicates and manages its own charge
and discharge safely
• Up to 10 Mini PAGlink V-Mount batteries can be linked for charge
or discharge, regardless of rated capacity or state of charge.
• Compatible with PAGlink and other V-Mount Li-Ion chargers
• Compatible with camera data systems that display capacity in the
viewfinder/LCD (Sony & Red)
• Ergonomic design and ‘soft-touch’ outer-band for secure handling
• Durable case construction to withstand the toughest conditions
• New modular design that allows easier servicing and authorised
cell-pack replacement for greater sustainability
• Battery firmware can be updated externally
• Independently UN tested to meet passenger aircraft regulations
• 2 year guarantee with no restrictive conditions


Included in the package
1 x MPL50 V-Mount Battery
1 x Built-in D-Tap output
1 x Swappable USB (5V 2A) Output Unit


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