PAG Mini PAGlink MPL99V V-Mount 99Wh

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The MPL99V is a 99Wh battery, designed to
complement the dimensions of smaller cameras, but
equally desirable for larger cameras. It will power
cameras in combination with accessories such as
lights and monitors. It provides a single, superior
power source for your camera set-up.
The MPL99V features built-in outputs that the
cameras lack: 2 fixed D-Taps for 12V accessories and
a USB unit (5V 2A), which can be swapped easily
by the user for a plug-in Lemo, Hirose or D-Tap
connector unit.


Highlights MPL99V
• 99 Watt-hours, 14.8V 6.7Ah
• Rechargeable V-Mount Li-Ion battery
• Intelligent linking technology that allows capacities to be combined
(2 linked = 198Wh, 3 = 297Wh)
• Current draw capability of 12A when linked, 10A individually
• Hot-swap batteries for continuous power
• 2 x Built-in D-Tap outputs (12V 80W)
• 1 x USB output unit (5V 2A), which can be swapped for other unit
types: Hirose, Lemo and D-Tap
• Ideal for powering smaller 4K cameras and accessories
• The best Li-Ion cell for high-current capability and capacity
retention above 500 cycles, according to NASA Battery Workshop
• 4 x 1/4” bushes for mounting accessories
• Numeric Run-Time, Capacity & Data Display
• Intelligent battery that communicates and manages its own charge
and discharge safely
• Up to 10 Mini PAGlink batteries can be linked for charge or
discharge, regardless of rated capacity or state of charge
• Compatible with PAGlink and other V-Mount Li-Ion chargers
• Compatible with camera data systems that display capacity in the
viewfinder/LCD (Sony & Red)
• Ergonomic design and ‘soft-touch’ outer-band for secure handling
• Durable case construction to withstand the toughest conditions
• New modular design that allows easier servicing and authorised
cell-pack replacement for greater sustainability
• Battery firmware can be updated externally
• Independently UN tested and flight-friendly
• 2 year guarantee with no restrictive conditions


Included in the package
1 x MPL99 V-Mount Battery
2 x built-in D-Tap outputs
1 x swappable USB (5V 2A) Output Unit


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