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1600Wh extra battery capacity, just stack it on top of a Wattsun Dock 1500 or 2000 and you’re good to go!


Experience ultimate freedom with Wattsun.

Simply plug in and you are insured of clean energy which you can use wherever adn whenever you want!

The portable Lithium-ion battery system with a 230 Volt socket has been designed for and with professionals.

The dock is the base of this product.

Plug in your devices and you are immediatelyu powered by Wattsun.

The constant power of 1500 or 2000 Watt makes the Wattsun Dock a powerful energy source!

Do you need even more battery capacity? Simply stack a pack on top of your dock, the intelligent operating system takes care of the rest.

Stack up to a maximum of five packs.

From 1400Wh to 7800Wh in total with a full stack of 5.



A silent and powerful source of energy that you can use right next to you.

No emission, stench and zero noise.

Thanks to the robust and intuitive design, having power anywhere you want is just one click away.

The lightweight and compact design have led to a product that you can easily carry around!

The display shows you all the relevant information in a glance.

Since you know exactly how long you can use the battery, you avoid unpleasant surprises at the end of a workday.

The Wattsun has a charging connector at the back.

You simply attach the charger to recharge the battery.

The intelligent operating system makes sure the battery is carefully charged and balances it.

The display shows you live charging statistics so you can easily monitor the status of the charging process.



  • Up to 7800wh
  • 3500 Watt peak
  • 230v
  • Charged in 5 hours (empty to full)

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233 63 BARA



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